Web & Social Media Management

Take the work out of managing your online presence and build a bigger following

Our Web & Social Media Mangement Service frees you up to concentrate on managing your campaign

It’s like having a Social Media Team

Managing a political campaign takes a lot of time and work – more so at the local level. In the age we live in, your campaign website and social media are the best way to reach the highest number of people for the least amount of money.

One of the greatest tools in your toolbox is your online presence. After you meet somebody by knocking on their door, or send them a piece of mail, your website and social media presence will be available for them to lean more about your and your campaign.

Posting and managing your online campaign takes a lot of work and may be a bit overwhelming. Logicstew has added a new service to help you get control of your online campaign efforts!

Our Web & Social Media Management service is available to campaigns, joint campaigns and districts – even if Logicstew didn’t create your site. We can work with you to develop an online campaign strategy to get the highest online impact out of your campaign dollars.


  • Management of all social media services including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Timed campaigns repeat your message at key times to reach the greatest social audience
  • Specialized messages for each social media type
  • Editorial assistance for voicing campaign messages
  • Coordinated press releases through all social media outlets
  • Follower Mangement: We’ll manage the interactions with your followers to develop a ‘fan’ base
  • Social Media Reporting: Weekly reports of all social media engagement, reach and trending
  • Assistance with posting news items and events to web and social media

Contact us today to get started for as little as $50 per month!