About Us

We still think Customer Service means working hard

We have a different philosophy when it comes to web design. We believe that you know more about your company than we do. On the other hand, we know more about websites than you do, which is more than likely why you came to us in the first place.

If we combine your knowledge and our knowledge, we can do some pretty incredible things.

LogicStew is a small web company with a big footprint in the web business. Founded in 1995, we were there at the start of it all. We have succeeded because we are a curious bunch, always trying out the new technologies and applying the good stuff to our clients sites.

Don’t just take our word for it…

[testimonial id=”raffath” name=”Scott Raffath” job_title=”Evil Genius” company=”Getwith design. brand. interactive” company_link=”http://www.rleco.com/” size=”small” type=”bubble”]

LogicStew is very good at recommending features and ideas that a client may never have thought of implementing. They always have the client’s best possible outcome in mind.

[/testimonial] [testimonial id=”karg” name=”Kenneth Karg” job_title=”Partner” company=”VinStickers LLC” company_link=”http://www.vinsolutions.com/” size=”small” type=”bubble”]

LogicStew is one of the few companies who truly excel in the automotive eCommerce industry. They have a way of developing new and innovative techniques to maximize the opportunity for dealers looking to capture new business

[/testimonial] [testimonial id=”alba” name=”Andrew Alba” job_title=”Web Developer” company=”Forum Communications” company_link=”http://www.forumcomm.com/” size=”small” type=”bubble”]

In “brainstorming” meetings, they have the ability to come up with dozens of outstanding ideas in comparison to the rest who may come up with only a few. The are dedicated to quality work that is managed professionally. Their attention to detail and flexibility when working on projects are great qualities that every client should appreciate.



[rev-uh-loo-shuh-ner-ee]: radically new or innovative; outside or beyond establishedprocedure, principles, etc.: a revolutionary discovery.

It’s sad, really, but doing the right thing for your customers seems to be a revolutionary concept. In our industry we find a lot of clients who’ve had a bad experience with their web development provider. We’re working hard to change that perception.

For us it comes naturally. We speak English, and avoid techno-speak. We deliver on our promises. We listen to our clients and work to meet their needs. Probably most importantly, we know our own limitations and we’re honest about them.

If you want to get to know more about us, ask our customers. We’re proud of our work and we think it speaks for itself.