For the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, their website is more than just a place to post news and events – it’s a hub for all their campaign activities and a source of information for the public. Over time, their old site was not able to grow with the party and offer the kinds of features that people have come to expect.

LogicStew worked with several other agencies, including Blue State Digital and Political CFOs, to create a leading edge WordPress site that would allow them to integrate social media, candidate profiles and voter information in an easy to use format. Much of our discovery phase was spent on creating a highly usable user interface that provide easy access to information and resources.

In addition to the website, LogicStew managed their conversion to Google Apps and provided consulting on developing their social media engagement. Integrating social media features into the site was a top priority as the party looks to grow in the future.

The end result is a leading-edge website, that was produced on-time and under-budget, that will take them well into the upcoming campaigns.